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WSA Principle
What is the overarching guiding principle of WSA management?


Designation of Wilderness
True or False – The Wilderness Act allows Congress to designate Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) as Wilderness.


What is a Road?
A "Road" is …


Wilderness Characteristics – Four Types
There are four types of characteristics that we study in a WSA.  They are . . .


Non-impairment Standard
BLM uses the non-impairment standard as a tool or “test” to assure that WSAs are unimpaired for preservation as wilderness.  The non-impairment standard requires that new uses and facilities must be temporary and create no new surface disturbance.


WildSNAP Users
True or False – WildSNAP app users are granted special driving privileges within WSAs to expedite the monitoring process.


Monitoring Activities
True or False – Monitoring activities need to meet the non-impairment standard. Thus, the use of vehicles or motorized travel for monitoring purposes must follow the same rules that the general public is required to follow.


What Do We Monitor?
WildSNAP users will assist in collecting data about the status of access to and conditions within a WSA.  Select the areas that should be monitored with the app.