Frequently Asked Questions

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and American Conservation Experience (ACE) partnered to develop an electronic citizen-science based monitoring program for Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs). This application is called WildSNAP. It is available to members of the public who complete this training.

A special designation that applies to lands managed to protect and prevent impairment of wilderness characteristics until Congress designates the WSA as wilderness or directs BLM to manage the area for other multiple uses.

Please review the WildSnap requirements page for information regarding system requirements.

Wilderness characteristics include: size, naturalness, outstanding opportunities, and other features.

  • Impairments to access points
  • Maintenance concerns
  • Missing or damaged signs
  • Disturbances: compromised barriers or vehicle intrusions
  • Other features of interest such as sensitive plant, wildlife, and/or cultural observations

A report is sent to the local BLM office and becomes part of the WSA's permanent file. Information will be used to support enforcement or restoration efforts as appropriate when issues are discovered.

If you are interested in citizen science and you wish to support the BLM by monitoring WSAs you can begin by completing the WildSNAP Volunteer Training.

The app is located in the Apple App store. For more information about downloading the app please visit the How to download page.